WSJ Editorial

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This adds some color on the use of section 501(c) of the tax code, but it doesn’t address the legality or constitutionality of making anonymous contributions to political causes. We like to see someone tackle that one. more

A Needed Element of Immigration Reform

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How you feel about immigration largely depends on whether you think the multiplier effect of immigration outweighs the displacement effect. As the U.S. birthrate drops below 2.1 children per woman, there will be fewer Americans available to be displaced over the next 30 years. At present the multiplier and displacement effects virtually cancel each other… Read more »Read more

Ideas for Accelerating Growth

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What are some ideas that would lead to faster economic growth? Regulating more intelligently would be a good place to start. No one denies that things like financial markets need some level of regulatory oversight. The idea of some libertarian free for all is a fringe concept. But, generally speaking, regulations should be simple to… Read more »Read more

Taxi Industry at It Again

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Having failed once to smother Uber in its crib, the taxicab industry has returned for another try. Uber, relatively new to DC and immensely popular with its customers, is a technology company that uses an app to connect customers with taxis, sedans and SUV services. The technical economic term for what the taxicab industry is… Read more »Read more

The Threshold Question

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It seems everyone involved agrees that the IRS’s conduct was egregious. It undermines confidence in the agency and the federal government in general. While we are a non-partisan organization, we currently have a 501(c)(4) application pending with the exempt division of the IRS. We received a letter signed by Lois Lerner about a week ago… Read more »Read more

Is Graduating Enough?

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The current high school graduation rate in the District of Columbia is in the 55% range. One of Economic Growth DC’s goals is a 100% high school graduation rate. Anything less is unacceptable. But is that enough? In this post on Greater Greater Washington, contributor Natalie Wexler details her experience tutoring DCPS high schoolers in… Read more »Read more

Local Impact of Federal Austerity

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Federal contractors are pulling back on their hiring, both in the number of jobs and salaries. Many DC residents work for federal contractors. This pullback will have negative effects on the District economy. Lower salaries mean less consumption. Less consumption means lower economic growth in DC. There does not seem to be any evidence that… Read more »Read more

Ready, Fire, Aim!

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Forget about whether the District actually has the power to outlaw making your own gun, let’s look at the usual rush by the District government to regulate something before it’s even known to be a problem. 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing. So called micro-manufacturing requires so little space that it could bring a whole new… Read more »Read more