Fraying the Social Fabric

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In an interview with the New York Times published on 7/27, President Obama asserts that the income gap between rich and poor is fraying the social fabric of the country. Economic Growth DC has looked at this issue before. Stratfor’s CEO George Friedman wrote this piece on the crisis of the middle class, and Professor… Read more »Read more

Charitable Solicitation Business License

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Economic Growth DC was issued its charitable solicitation business license this morning by the Department of Consumer & Regulatory Affairs. Thanks to Nick Majette, Eric Rogers, and Shantell Weaver at DCRA for helping us through this process. More on said process to come. Until then, let the fundraising begin. Economic Growth DC Charitable Solicitation License… Read more »Read more

Early Childhood Education’s Effect on Growth

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In a landmark 2004 study, “The Early Catastrophe,” Betty Hart and Todd Risley demonstrated that in the first four years of life, the children of high income parents are exposed to roughly 30 million more words than those in low income households. These differences cut across all racial and ethnic groups. The disparities were derived… Read more »Read more

Let the Repercussions Begin

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We can assure you Wal-Mart is not kidding. While we want DC residents to make as much money as they possibly can because it’s good for consumption and good for growth, instituting a two-tiered minimum wage will do more harm to low wage earners than good. The way for them to make more money is… Read more »Read more

Small Groups in the Health Benefit Exchange

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We are generally opposed to policies that raise the cost of doing business in the District, and in favor of policies that reduce those costs. Forcing small businesses into the District’s Health Benefits Exchange will increase their health insurance costs, and it appears to be in conflict with the Affordable Care Act’s statutory language. Darrell… Read more »Read more