The Scourge of 22% Unemployment

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By Dave Oberting The unemployment rate in Greece is 26%. The unemployment rate in Spain is 24%. For youths under 25, it’s as high as 50%. Both countries face near daily demonstrations, general strikes, and riots. The governments of both countries have collapsed and new elections have had to be called. More than once. In… Read more »Read more

Returning Citizen Re-Integration Strategy

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Attached is a report on a strategy for improving the returning citizen re-integration process written by the Council for Court Excellence, an organization dedicated to the study of the criminal justice system. Economic Growth DC is strongly in favor of making it considerably easier for returning citizens to seal the records of certain convictions, including… Read more »Read more

Regulatory Reform Task Force

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The regulatory burden and the regulatory regime in the District have a large impact on economic growth. Regulations that make it harder and more expensive to do business in the District inhibit economic growth. The Mayor’s Regulatory Reform Task Force has requested help from the public in determining which regulations need to be changed or… Read more »Read more

Steve King on Immigration

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Steve King is a Republican congressman from Iowa. His district is 94% white and apparently they don’t like the idea of a pathway to citizenship for undocumented workers. King has no substantive legislative accomplishments. He is a rabble-rouser famous for inflammatory rhetoric and xenophobia. He also cares little or nothing about the future of the… Read more »Read more