Ward 8 as a Special Economic Zone

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We’d like to thank Charles Lindsay, Councilmember Marion Barry’s economic development adviser for sitting down with us last week. It was an interesting conversation and there are significant things happening in Ward 8 these days. Most of our conversation centered on mechanisms for capitalizing on the momentum that exists in Ward 8 and the use… Read more »Read more

The District’s Job Training Providers

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DC does its job training primarily through non-profit job training providers. The District funds a group of organizations and then they go out and actually provide the training. Each of those non-profit training providers designates at least one person as a placement coordinator who is tasked with placing program graduates into individual jobs. This is… Read more »Read more

DCFPI and the Minimum Wage

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We at Economic Growth DC are strong supporters of higher wages for workers in the District of Columbia. We are constantly at work trying to foster government policy that facilitates faster economic growth and higher wages. A dramatic increase in the government mandated minimum wage is an artificial, not to mention poor, way of achieving… Read more »Read more

Minimum Wages & Employment

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A paper by David Neumark of the University of California-Irvine and William Wascher of the Federal Reserve that examines the effects of raising the minimum wage on employment. Minimum Wage Employment EffectRead more

Approaches to the Minimum Wage

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Economic Growth DC supports the mayor’s approach to the minimum wage. Increasing the minimum wage is a serious matter that will have a wide range of effects on the local economy and entry level workers. The fact that only some of our neighboring jurisdictions are contemplating an increase will have implications throughout the region. Some… Read more »Read more

About those Surpluses

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The District’s chief financial officer announced that tax receipts increased by an estimated $36 million above earlier projections for this fiscal year. He upgraded his estimate for the fiscal year that began yesterday by $49 million, to $6.3 billion in locally generated tax receipts. He said these surpluses have materialized despite uncertainty that still clouds… Read more »Read more

About the Shutdown

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It’s important to distinguish between DC the seat of the federal government and DC the well-run, thriving city. One functions, the other doesn’t. But, it is important to recognize the weaknesses in the District’s economy. The number one weakness is we remain to heavily dependent on government spending as a share of our economy. 35%… Read more »Read more