Raise the Height Limit

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This week, the National Capital Planning Commission rejected the idea of increasing the height limits of DC buildings. The Gray administration submitted a competing plan giving the District more autonomy over building heights and a relaxation of height limits. The ultimate decision will be made by Congress. Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Committee on… Read more »Read more

Intern Wanted

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Economic Growth DC is seeking an intern for the spring semester. Applicants must be at least a sophomore at a District college or university and must be majoring in business or political science. Applicant must have a strong interest in, or already be involved in DC politics. See the link below for details. Interested applicants… Read more »Read more

Immigrating to the District

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By Dave Oberting A serious immigration battle is underway and the Republican party faces a stark choice — placate your base, or win elections. You can’t do both. The reality of American life in the 21st century is that comprehensive immigration reform is not a political issue, but a national imperative. The Census Bureau tells… Read more »Read more

Status of the Affordable Care Act in the District

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First and foremost, we believe that universal health insurance coverage is a noble, legitimate, and attainable goal. But understanding the interlocking complexities of the $3 trillion U.S. healthcare industry might be too much for any government to handle, no matter how competent. As a policy matter, the healthcare industry must become more market driven, not… Read more »Read more

The Economic Growth DC Strategy

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The DC Economic Growth Action Fund, more commonly known as Economic Growth DC, was founded in March of 2013. The basic premise for the organization is simple: The District has ambitious priorities. It wants to create hundreds of million of dollars of affordable housing. It wants to expand Medicaid and end homelessness. To accomplish these… Read more »Read more

Let’s Make the Minimum Wage Obsolete

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By Dave Oberting A bitter battle is being waged in the District of Columbia and around the country as it relates to the wisdom of increasing the minimum wage. Should it be raised at all? If so, by how much? Or should it be eliminated altogether? We’d like to move past that argument by making… Read more »Read more