Building a Better Business Climate

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The final revenue report from the District’s outgoing Chief Financial Officer, Nat Gandhi, should ring some alarm bells for DC’s economic policymakers. While Gandhi projects surplus tax revenues of $19.8 million for this fiscal year, and $42.7 million for next year, he also reports that job growth in the District is slowing. Gandhi attributes this,… Read more »Read more

501(c)(4) Rules & Regulations

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Many people have told us they’re confused about what a 501(c)(4) is and how it works. It’s a good question and the answer can be confusing. First of all, a 501(c)(4) is a non-profit. In our case, a non-profit corporation that is permitted to engage only in certain kinds of activities. We operate primarily as… Read more »Read more

McKinsey: Building a Better Government

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The McKinsey Center for Government has researched hundreds of best practices from governments around the globe. Their findings show that, “making progress on society’s biggest problems requires governments to make better use of data, involve citizens, invest in employees, and a collaborate with other sectors.” Read the full report here: McKinsey — Building Better GovernmentRead more

The Skills Gap

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A K-12 education system that produces graduates who can think critically, solve problems, express themselves in writing and collaborate as part of a team is crucial, but it’s not enough. We are still educating for the 20th century and the pace of change is so relentless that a lot of DC residents have been left… Read more »Read more

The Workforce Development Repository

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We have been disappointed by an inability on our part to collect meaningful data on workforce development and job training programs across the country. Most importantly, we have had very little luck obtaining outcomes reporting to help us identify programs that work and those that don’t. Therefore, Economic Growth DC is pleased to announce its… Read more »Read more

The Real Tale of Two Cities

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By Dave Oberting Bill de Blasio, New York City’s mayor elect, just won an overwhelming victory by describing New York as a “Tale of Two Cities.” There certainly is an inequality problem in New York. With high-paying Wall Street in NYC, it would be impossible not to have inequality issues, but New York’s got nothing… Read more »Read more

Corporations Are People?

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Aside from his 47% comments at a fundraiser, Mitt Romney’s most famous gaffe from the 2012 presidential campaign was, “Corporations are people, my friend.” This was perhaps the clunkiest attempt to explain a complicated topic in the history of campaigns. And it’s part of what’s wrong with a partisan media. The media just ran with… Read more »Read more

Pro-Growth Tax Revisions Part I

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Sixteen months ago, the Gray administration formed an eleven member Tax Revision Commission. Its members reflect a broad cross-section of philosophies and agendas. Reaching consensus on big changes seems difficult. The Commission announced this week that it would take more time to deliberate its options and try to reach more consensus. The Commission was tasked… Read more »Read more

The Height Act as a Jobs Issue

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By Dave Oberting A representative of Economic Growth DC attended Monday’s Height Act hearing. The Height Act is a law passed in 1910 that limits the height of buildings in the District of Columbia. The actual limit varies slightly in certain parts of town, but it was intended to give the District a horizontal, Paris-like… Read more »Read more