Poverty is a Symptom, Unemployment is the Disease

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  By Dave Oberting   To no one’s surprise, poverty is not spread evenly throughout the District of Columbia. Only six percent of the District’s white residents live in poverty. For Hispanics, the rate is 23% and for African-American District residents it’s 36%. The most important statistic in all of the poverty debate is this… Read more »Read more

The Most Fundamental of All Entitlements

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  By Dave Oberting   Proposition Here is the proposition that underlies all that we do at Economic Growth DC: the right to a decent full-time job is the most basic and fundamental entitlement of them all. It is the cornerstone of social justice. It is the foundation of human dignity. We often forget that… Read more »Read more

Current Economic Conditions in the District of Columbia

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  When a visitor comes to the District, they look around and see dozens of construction cranes, 300 shiny new restaurants opened in just the last two years and inevitably think the District must be booming. There are certain segments of the economy that are doing well and affluent residents have benefitted tremendously, but there is… Read more »Read more