Economic Growth DC is pleased to announce the results of its CapitalDecision2014 Mayoral Poll.

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Final Economic Growth DC CapitalDecision2014 Poll Results


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New Economic Growth DC CapitalDecision2014 Poll

Finds Bowser Lead at 8%

27% Still Undecided

Poll Must Be Sourced: Economic Growth DC CapitalDecision2014 Poll

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WASHINGTON (October 1, 2014) – In the race for mayor of the District of Columbia, Democrat Muriel Bowser leads Independent David Catania by 8 percentage points among likely voters, 35%-27%. Independent Carol Schwartz trails at 11%. Twenty seven percent (27%) of likely voters remain undecided.

Economic Growth DC’s executive director, Dave Oberting, said, “This poll shows the race quite a bit closer than what was reflected in the Post/Marist poll released on September 18. Voters have started tuning in and we believe our methodology produced respondents who are somewhat more likely to actually vote.”

The poll of 1,023 likely November 2014 voters was conducted by FrederickPolls of Arlington, Virginia from September 28th to September 30th. It was conducted using live calls to both landlines and cell phones. The poll sampled “super voters” from the 2010 Mayor’s election, plus new registrants since 2010 from a District voter list. The margin of error is +/- 3.0%.

60% of respondents have a favorable opinion of Muriel Bowser, followed by 55% favorable for Catania and 51% for Schwartz. 30% of voters hold an unfavorable opinion of Schwartz, followed by Bowser at 28% and Catania at 26%.

In a head-to-head matchup, Bowser leads Catania 43%-33% with 24% undecided. Oberting commented, “This question surprised me a little. I would have expected Catania to benefit more if Schwartz were to drop out of the race. He actually does better with her in the race than out.”

81% of respondents indicated that it was very important to them that the next mayor bring a new ethical standard rooted in good government to their administration. David Catania was selected as best suited to implement this new standard with 34% of respondents choosing him. Muriel Bowser finished with 33% and 33% were undecided. Oberting said, “It’s no surprise that DC voters are concerned about ethics and the impact that’s had on the city over the last several years, but it appears that a significant number of voters are still undecided on who’s best suited to address those issues.”

83% of respondents would favor a law requiring the DC Council to study the economic impact their proposals will have on DC businesses and residents before they’re implemented. Oberting said, “We’re pleased that the electorate is concerned about the costs that some legislation and regulation impose on residents and businesses. We’re preparing a bill that will call for a cost/benefit analysis to be prepared by the Chief Financial Officer on proposed legislation and rules. We’re glad there’s strong support for that.”

In April, 2014 the Global Strategy Group reported the following question from their polling: “Which candidate is most appealing to you personally?” A candidate focused on more economic growth? Or a candidate focused on less income inequality. Nationally, respondents chose the candidate focused on more economic growth by a margin of 80%-16%. The CapitalDecision2014 Poll asked essentially the same question. Respondents preferred a candidate focused on jobs and economic growth over a candidate focused on reducing income inequality by a margin of 54%-33%. Economic Growth DC’s Oberting commented, “As an organization focused on enabling faster growth, we found that question from GSG to be very interesting. District voters rank growth versus inequality a bit more evenly, but the preference for a candidate focused on growth is still pretty significant.”


Economic Growth DC is a non-profit political and economic advocacy organization focused on the District and its economy. For more information, visit: Follow them on Twitter @GrowthDC.

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    Undecided voters in mayoral race shoot up from 15% to 24% between two polls, mainly at Bowser’s expense.