Dave Oberting-Alex Vidales Pilot Waves Interview

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Our executive director Dave Oberting sat down recently for an interview with Alex Vidales from Pilot Waves. The interview starts at 3:35 and covers a range of topics. Leave us your feedback in the comments section. If you are a Windows Explorer user you must have a Microsoft MP3 player properly installed on your computer. If you use… Read more »Read more

How to Attract the Marriott Headquarters…

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  Incentives will get most of the attention in the competition to land the Marriott headquarters and the 2,000 jobs that come with it. And it will cost millions. It’s an unfortunate reality of corporate relocations. But the incentive packages will be roughly the same from all three jurisdictions and so the decision will hinge… Read more »Read more

Where to Start With Regulatory Reform

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Why the District government should focus on the reform of its regulatory system is straightforward: as a famous economist recently said, “Regulatory burdens do not exist in isolation. Someone must eventually bear the cost, either through reduced wages, lower profits, or higher prices for every consumer.” Where to start reform is the simple part. The… Read more »Read more

Economic Growth DC’s Agenda

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“The District’s economy needs to grow at a significantly faster rate in order to create the number and kinds of jobs we’ll need over the next generation. Faster growth is required to increase the incomes of District residents, and we need it to produce the amount of tax revenue we’ll need to do the things… Read more »Read more

Poverty is a Symptom, Unemployment is the Disease

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To no one’s surprise, poverty is not spread evenly throughout the District of Columbia. Only six percent of the District’s white residents live in poverty. For Hispanics, the rate is 23% and for African-American District residents it’s 39%. The most important statistic in all of the poverty debate is this one: according to Dr. Harry… Read more »Read more

The Most Fundamental of All Entitlements

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Proposition Here is the proposition that underlies all that we do at Economic Growth DC: the right to a decent full-time job is the most basic and fundamental entitlement of them all. It is the cornerstone of social justice. It is the foundation of human dignity. We often forget that the full name of Dr…. Read more »Read more

The Importance of a Better Business Climate

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The District’s economy contracted by 0.5%, or approximately $500 million, in each of the last two years. While sequestration and a generally tight federal budgetary environment have reduced the contribution the federal government normally makes to the District’s economy, our research indicates that the primary cause of the decline in economic growth has been a… Read more »Read more

How Radical Regulatory Reform = Good Government

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At Economic Growth DC, we believe vigorous regulatory reform is the key to reigniting the growth of the District’s economy. Making the District a better, easier, and less expensive place to do business is the single best mechanism for building the confidence of the people who make hiring and investment decisions in the District. It’s… Read more »Read more

What Should an Economic Impact Analysis Analyze?

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Council Chairman Phil Mendelson recently took an important step towards greater transparency and accountability for the District government when he mandated that an economic impact analysis be performed on proposed legislation in the new Council period. Measuring the impact your policy prescriptions will have on the District’s economy, and understanding the effects your legislation will… Read more »Read more

Ignore the Hype: DC’s Economy is Not “Firing on all Cylinders”

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In his reporter’s notebook several months ago, NBC4 reporter and dean of the local press corps, Tom Sherwood, wrote that the District’s economy is “firing on all cylinders.” Unfortunately, that statement is somewhat unsupported by the facts and the reality is somewhat more complicated. All the shiny new restaurants and the plethora of construction cranes have… Read more »Read more