Operation Capstone is the name we’ve given to a plan we’ve devised to address the problem of high unemployment for DC residents returning from incarceration. Approximately 4,000 individuals return to the District from incarceration every year and there are approximately 60,000 ex-offenders residing in the District. Approximately 30,000 of the District’s returning citizens are unemployed. Finding work for this population is both a public safety issue and a moral imperative.

Our program is designed to place approximately 1,500 returning citizens per year and was inspired by a job placement project in Newark, NJ. It was a joint venture between former Mayor Corey Booker and the Manhattan Institute. The three people most directly responsible for conceiving, building and implementing the Newark program have agreed to meet with anyone interested in a similar program for the District.

Our guests will explain the origins of their program, the “rapid attachment to work” model they’ve developed and will tell us how they’ve achieved placement rates considerably higher than other efforts around the country.

The call is open to the public and will take place on September 18th at 1:00pm.

The conference call dial-in number is 712.432.1500 and the participant code is 31353#.

If you are interested in employment issues as they pertain to ex-offenders, please feel free to join the call.

Operation Capstone