DC vs ND Growth Chart Interior

Real GDP growth (technically it’s called state domestic product, or SDP) in the District averaged 1.28% since 2007. North Dakota, a state with a similar population, averaged 7.2%. In order to do the things the District government says it wants to do — combat homelessness, fund affordable housing, expand Medicaid and other social services, a significant acceleration in the rate of growth of the District’s economy is required.

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    North Dakota may have a similar population as DC, but the two jurisdictions don’t have a similar economic output (DC = $105 billion, ND = $48 billion) or similar total nonfarm employment (DC = 762,000, ND = 469,000). DC’s SDP is twice that of ND’s SDP. As such, the percentage change in SDP can shift more easily in the smaller sized economy, which is ND.