Economic growth is not a cure-all. Alone, it will not solve all of our problems, but without increasing the rate of growth of the District’s economy, we will solve none of them. Below is some research that informs our work.

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Current Economic Conditions in the District of Columbia



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When a visitor comes to the District, they look around and see dozens of construction cranes, 300 shiny new restaurants opened in just the last two years and inevitably think the District must be booming.

There are certain segments of the economy that are doing well and affluent residents have benefitted tremendously, but there is another side to the story. For thousands of District residents at the lower end of the education and income distribution, things are not good.

For insight into what’s really going on with the District’s economy, we’ve assembled and analyzed a mountain of economic data. Click below to see the full presentation.

Today we’ve cleaned up a couple of errors. In particular, we under-reported some sales tax data. Sales tax has actually trended positive, so we changed the presentation to reflect that. We also made the job growth data easier to understand.

Check back often for new updates.

DC Economic Conditions Presentation 8-18-15 – Economic Growth DC


The District’s Economy by Industry 2014

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State-level GDP figures for 2014 were released on June 10th. Click below to see how the District’s $105.02 billion economy is broken down by industry. Economic Growth DC is working with the District’s Office of Tax & Revenue to properly define, classify, and calculate the District’s “technology” sector, as well as the “creative economy.” The industries highlighted in red represent ones that could potentially be classified as “technology.”

DC Economy By Industry 2014