Attached below are the public comments on the proposed merger of Exelon and Pepco submitted to the Public Service Commission by our executive director Dave Oberting, as well as a link to an op-ed he wrote in support of the merger. There is no compelling reason to prohibit the merger. Exelon is the lowest, by far, emitter of CO2 among the 25 largest power companies in the U.S. To the extent that Pepco will have the opportunity to introduce more low carbon energy into its energy mix, the merger is a net gain for District consumers, District businesses and the environment.

Economic Growth DC Exelon-Pepco Proposed Merger Comments — Public Service Commission of DC

Viewpoint: Hot Air Over Pepco Merger

Over the longer term, Economic Growth DC is on record as being in support of Space Based Solar Power as the best solution to our energy, climate and national security difficulties. This technology is about 30-40 years away and will cost in the neighborhood of $2 trillion. It will be driven first, as most things are, by military necessity. It will then be commercialized as a joint venture with private energy companies of all kinds.

CNN Space-Based Solar Power Article