Our executive director, Dave Oberting, and Ed Levin, a labor lawyer with the law firm of Saul Ewing LLP, wrote an op-ed in today’s Washington Business Journal calling for a comprehensive reform of our labor markets.

The District government has intervened in the labor market at least half a dozen times in the past two years. The aggregate impact of those interventions has been to make it more difficult, more expensive, and more risky to hire anyone.

The folks behind these laws take a micro-view of the labor market. They’re asking themselves what they can do to make it easier for an individual District resident to find a job. This is a noble endeavor, but the unintended consequence is it makes it more difficult for everyone to find work by reducing the total number of jobs available in the District.

Click below to see the op-ed:

WBJ Op-Ed: Reduce Jobs in DC? Easy!